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Books by Neville Peat, award-winning New Zealand writer and photographer, span the genres of geography, biography, history, environment and natural history. His books on New Zealand range from the Antarctic region and subantarctic islands to tropical Tokelau.

In 2007, Neville Peat was awarded New Zealand’s largest literary prize, the Creative New Zealand Michael King Writers’ Fellowship, to research and write the story of the Tasman Sea.

The Catlins and the Southern Scenic Route (New revised edition)

Otago University Press, December 2017

The Catlins and the Southern Scenic Route

An out-of-the-way corner of the South Island, the Catlins is a beautiful and relatively unspoilt region bursting with natural attractions, including that rare thing on the east coast, native forest. This redesigned popular guide introduces readers to the wildlife, bush walks, beaches and waterfalls of the Catlins then traces the journey along the stunning Southern Scenic Route linking Otago, Southland and Fiordland.

Rivers Rare
– The first 25 years of Project River Recovery 1991-2016

Department of Conservation, 2016

Rivers Rare – The first 25 years of Project River Recovery 1991-2016

The Upper Waitaki region, spreading eastward from the Southern Alps and New Zealand’s highest peak (Aoraki/Mt Cook), contains a spectacular array of braided rivers, which are rare internationally. They are home to plant and animal species found nowhere else. Project River Recovery is a world-leading conservation effort, working hard to protect endangered birds, fish, lizards, insects and plants together with their habitats.

Stewart Island Rakiura National Park

Otago University Press, November 2015

Stewart Island - Rakiura National Park

Uncrowded, spectacularly natural Stewart Island is a popular holiday destination with many bush walks and a wealth of natural and built features to enjoy, including New Zealand’s 14th and newest national park, rare and special birdlife, numerous historic sites and magnificent scenery.

Wild Dunedin
The Natural History of New Zealand’s Wildlife Capital

Otago University Press, June 2014

Wild Dunedin

Dunedin City and its environs are home to an amazing range of habitats, landscapes, plants, animals, birds, insects and geological features. This well-illustrated book introduces a magnificent natural environment, extending from a sea coast inhabited by albatrosses, penguins, sea lions, dolphins and whales to a harsh but biodiverse alpine zone on inland mountains.

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