Coasting  The Sea Lion and the Lark




Wild Dunedin

Coasting – The Sea Lion and the Lark

Publisher: Longacre Press, 2001


Pages: 184

Available: New

Price: NZ$ 30.00

New Zealand’s subantarctic region is linked to the mainland (Otago) coast through the story of a migrating New Zealand Sea-lion. The second title in the Lark series, this story blends natural history and human endeavour, fact and fiction, and reintroduces readers to a salt-of-the-earth drifter who knows how to relate to sea lions.


‘:. . . with the taut and accurate prose of a scientist, and the lyrical sense of an artist, Peat’s compelling style lures us into gaining an immense amount of information . . . deeply intimate and wonderfully expansive.’
‘. . .intimate and eccentric’
Sunday Star Times
‘. . . ambitious writing but it succeeds because of his understanding of the species and his clear, incisive style.’
New Zealand Books
‘. . . a journey over land and sea to places intimate, yet unveiled in a prose so lyrical that nature (if she but could) must surely approve. This is Peat at his best.’
Otago Daily Times


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