Wild Dunedin - Enjoying the Natural History of New Zealand's Wildlife Capital




Wild Dunedin

WILD DUNEDIN - The Natural History of New Zealand's Wildlife Capital

Publisher: Otago University Press; original edition 1995, revised and redesigned new edition 2014


Pages: 162

Available: New

Price: NZ$ 40.00

Dunedin City and its environs are home to an amazing range of habitats, landscapes, plants, animals, birds, insects and geological features. This well-illustrated book introduces a magnificent natural environment, extending from a sea coast inhabited by albatrosses, penguins, sea lions, dolphins and whales to a harsh but biodiverse alpine zone on inland mountains.


Montana New Zealand Book Awards Natural Heritage Category winner 1996

‘. . . destined to become a standard companion for the student interest in the local environment, whether it be for study or strolling the countryside.’
Critic, University of Otago
‘. . . that rare thing – an authoritative book that will be enjoyed by the general reader.’
New Zealand Backpackers News
‘. . . building an overall sense of the richness of the enlarged city, and of places to go, what to look out for.’
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